They seek to promote healthy habits in Tijuana

The Association of Good Eating gives free nutritional consultations to people of limited resources, to let society know that you can be healthy with foods from the basic basket.

Through nutritional advice and the elaboration of community menus, they’re seeking to promote healthy habits in Tijuana.
They also have workshops where they teach “Seeding of Nutrition” and they have the “Good Eating Program” in elementary schools.

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We Spoke to the President of the A.C. Alan Martinez

At what age did you decide to form part of this association?

At the age of 17 I participated in different projects and social events that the government organization organized, or civil associates such as “Lets save the beach” I would help out in cleaning restaurants, parks, I would organize fundraisers to donate funds to home shelters. I realized that the world was badly but it’s done by people’s injustices, and every day I would think of how to make it better. That why I am certain that we must try to change reality through social work.

Tell us how of the idea to form part of the association

I discovered I was born to practice nutrition in 2015 so entered the race and discovered that there was a lot of misinformation regarding this subject that’s why the illusion of making a civil association focused on nutrition and all diversification of it.

Thanks to Valentina Fabian and the help pf my brother Carlos Andrea Ramos this is how this association exists.

What is the ABUCO mission?

Contribute to less favored Mexican society in well-being and being happy. Through good eating and after all a beautiful silhouette their health and happiness that is our mission.

What responses have they had?

Very good responses, of course not what we expected we suffer from many shortcomings in doing the community work more because our members are young.

When is the next event?

This month of January we are planning to have a conference in the Auditorium of Universidad De las California’s. Also continue to talk about study to the good eating at the primary school Eucario Zavala Alvarez, which has been since 2016 where we have given talks, free nutritional consultations and taken the corporal measurements of the children, to see if our Healthy Kids Program works so we can take it to more schools and help reduce overweigh in children .

What Plans do you have for next year?

Make continuity to the “Good Eating Program” and take it to more primary schools. Another goal for this year is to get an agreement with a food bank and not only give them the consultation and the food plan but also food. We also want to have workshops in community centers in the most vulnerable areas plus the city.

We will continue exercising our passion, we believe in the phase of
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