AMLO asks not to protect thieves

The president said that the pipeline network already has surveillance from the Armed Forces

The President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, made a call on the population not to protect those who engage in theft of fuel, a crime that led to losses of 65 billion pesos annually.

When heading In Valle de Chalco, State of Mexico, the presentation of the Pension for the Welfare of Older Adults Program, who will receive support of 2,550 pesos monthly. The president said that on Monday there will be information about the sabotages registered in pipelines of Mexican Petroleum’s, and reiterated the request to support the strategy of combating hydrocarbon theft so that everyone can feel satisfied to have finished with the theft.

“If you continue to support me, and if you have confidence that this is going to be resolved, let’s go all together, to feel very satisfied to have finished with the theft. I call people to not play these corrupt people, even if they say “Here you go have gas and take the advantage” That people don’t protect these criminals that our people act with honesty like always “The People of Mexico honest, clean dignified people”.

Lopez Obrador invited those who seek to obtain money with illicit activities to approach the coordinators of social programs, in areas where they can obtain a job, at the time in which he ruled that it is preferable to leave their children poverty but not dishonor.



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