Plans for changes to visas “H1-B” Trump

It’s about the Visas for people who want to provide services in a specialized field

Photo by: Pixabay

The president of the United States of America, Donald Trump, said on Friday that plans on changes, in Visas “H1-B” they are issued temporarily for immigrants with high levels of education so that they can work in specialized occupations, which could eventually lead to US Citizenship.

The holders of (Visas) H1-B in the United States can rest assured that changes will soon come that will give both simplicity and certainty to their stay, including a potential path to “Citizenship” Trump wrote on twitter.

We want to encourage talented and highly specialized people to aspire to career options in the “United States” the president added.

This category of visa applies to people who want to provide services in a specialized field, services of great merit and distinguished skills for development projects or cooperative research with the Department of Defense (DOD) or as a model of haute couture or advertising, accordingly to the Citizenship and immigration Service of The United States.

In order for the work to qualify as the specialized job one or more of the following criteria must be met.

- A baccalaureate or postgraduate university degree, or its equivalent, is normally the minimum requirement for the position

- The requirement of the university degree is common in the industry, or the work is so complex or specialized, that it can only be performed by a person with a degree.

- The employer usually requires a degree or its equivalent for the position.

- The nature of specific duties is so specialized or complex that the knowledge necessary to perform them is usually associated with a bachelor’s degree or higher.

To be eligible and accept a specialized job offer, you must meet one or more of the following criteria.

- Have completed a university baccalaureate from an accredited university or higher or (It’s equivalent abroad) in an accredited university or university center

- Have a university degree obtained abroad that is equivalent to the university degree of bachelor or postgraduate in the United States in the occupation of specialty.

- Have a full license (without restrictions issued by the state registrations) issued by the state, registration or certification authorizing him to fully exercise the occupation of specialty and dedicate himself to that specialty in the state of employment expected

- Have the educational preparation, training, or experience of progressive responsibility in the specialty that is the equivalent of having completed the mentioned title, and have recognition of their expertise in this specialty through progressive positions in responsibility that are directly related to the specialty




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