Hate mornings? It’s probably your genetics fault

It’s not that your lazy but your body it’s doing its own thing

I’m sure it’s happened more than once that you can’t get out of bed early in the day, calm down! It’s not that you’re lazy, your genetics might be the problem.

The Nature journal published the largest study on human chronotype, that is the tendency of a person to wake up earlier or later. For this survey, they used samples of 697,828 people.

The sleep chronotype patterns are part of the circadian rhythm. Which is the daily cycle that regulates, hormone levels, and body temperature.

The investigation also proved that the level of light, age, and the times of sleep varies on genes. Morning people are more at risk to mental illnesses, while the night owls are more likely to suffer from alterations such as depression or schizophrenia.

Vía Forbes



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