There’s a Lucky Charms flavored beer and we can’t wait to try it

Enjoy a drink while remembering your childhood

As a child, who didn’t love the famous Lucky Charms cereal? The sugary cereal that a lot of us ate before going to school or while watching saturday morning cartoons, was iconic in our childhood. Not to mention its delicious and soft marshmallows that melted in our mouth.

Now that you are grown up, maybe you have completely forgotten about its delicious flavor and colors. But don’t worry because Smartmouth Beer is here to remind you of that sweet taste you loved so much as a child.

The Virginia brewery company will present its beer inspired by Lucky Charms on March 2, in an event that will last all day and where they will also have trivia and food. And according to Smartmouth Beer "the result is magically ridiculous."

Would you try it?



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