No water for 11 neighborhoods in Tijuana

It started today

Bad news for 11 No water for 11 neighborhoodsTijuana as of this Tuesday morning water was be shut off and will continue without water until Thursday, according to Commission of Tijuana State Public Services (CESPT) work is being done, in another section of the potable water line in Carroceros Street in the Sanchez Taboada neighborhood, the service will be suspended in some nearby streets.

The water service is expected to return until 5 pm on Thursday, March 21. Some users reported through social media, that they didn’t have water service since Monday.

Affected neighborhoods:

  • Sánchez Taboada
  • Sección Cuauhtémoc
  • Esperanza
  • Anexa Esperanza
  • Niño Artillero
  • Paseos Pacífico
  • Parque Industrial Pacífico
  • Colinas de la Cantera
  • Reforma
  • Amparo Sánchez
  • División del Norte

*Translated by Melisa Montiel Valenzuela



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