The Kraken Taco doesn’t go out of style!

The Kraken Taco doesn’t go out of style!

Local chefs are changing the traditional sidewalk taco stands by making it gourmet. In Tijuana, it is not strange to see a couple arguing in about which is the best place where you can enjoy a good Taco. It is difficult to agree on the subject.

This, because everyone has a different taste and different opinion. The visitors that come to Tijuana, from the United States and the south of the country have always enjoyed the kindness of cuisine that you can easily find on the streets of the city.

There are so many places and a lot of meat options, marinated meat, beef tongue, beef guts, fish, but what makes the city the Sensation are the Octopus Tacos of Kokopelli. Without enough funds and no local nice restaurant, they are taking the streets bringing quality dishes, great seasoning and a little magic to the demanding tastes of grilled seafood lovers.

VÍDEO: A day at Tacos Kokopelli.

The creators of Kokopelli are the chefs graduated from the Culinary Arts School of Tijuana, Guillermo "Oso" Campos, his brother Pablo Campos and his partner Orlando "Cricket" Miguel de Monte.

The young entrepreneurs have made a small taco stand, the new gastronomic corner of Baja California. Your advertising has been the best: word of mouth recommendation. Explains "Cricket" while dismissing a couple of guests: "We started by testing with a stand, what you see is already an evolution of it." Kokopelli's project arose from the fact that we were looking for a job, wanting to work, and doing what we like.

"Kokopelli is a name that comes from Hopi Indian tribe, representing fertility, music, and dance. Said "Cricket."

The favorite taco is the ´Kraken´ this taco is the octopus one the chef explains, "People like to see marinated grilled octopus, crispy, that really draws attention."

Aside from the good cooking, the chef tells us that he also supports ecological causes. If possible, I would make a company with a conscience, so they have planned to build solar cells and promote with their guests the use of alternative means to obtain energy.

We know that being 100% ecological is impossible, we try to limit our impact to the environment: we will soon use solar energy to illuminate our business. We handle our garbage as much as we can and recycle what we can. Kokopelli's Chef declared.

In a city as Tijuana, with a reputation of being so beaten by the stereotypes of being a border town that is both inside and outside the country, thanks to the great effort, to hard daily work of these three friends, Tacos Kokopelli will only give you positive things to talk about

Tacos Kokopelli is located at Calle Ocampo, between 11th Ave & Blvd. Agua Caliente. Tijuana, México. Phone number: 664-674-4906.

*Translated by Melisa Montiel Valenzuela


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