Safari Park de San Diego Zoo will exhibit more than 20 butterfly species

Butterfly Jungle is a spring celebration to honor these beautiful insects

This weekend Safari Park de San Diego San Diego kicked off its annual spring celebration, "Butterfly Jungle", where they will exhibit more than 20 species of butterflies.

Visit the Hidden Jungle and spend a wonderful day surrounded by thousands of colorful butterflies. Watch them fly, perch on the plants and drink nectar from the hundreds of flowers that are part of this tropical rainforest.

The preparation for this event begins months in advance: butterflies are imported from farms in Central and South America when they are still pupae. Each spring these little beings come to Safari Park and incubate to give life to this extraordinary exhibition

  • Where?:San Diego Zoo Safari Park
  • Cost: Kids $46.00 USD/Adults $56.00 USD
  • Dates: March 23rd to May 12th
  • Times: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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