The Matcha Fest brings the asian tradition to the west!

This drink arrived to Mexicali to stay!

The summer season is not over yet and the festivals are still at the door. This time we bring the Matcha Fest 2019, to be held on August 30 in the capital of Baja California. This ancient tradition will connect with the audience and anybody will be able to taste and learn a little more about this drink.


The Matcha tea has become one of the favorite products in the West, partly because of its succulent flavor and the benefits it provides to your body. Originally from Japan, matcha tea is the selective spraying of green tea leaves until it reaches a powder that is prepared in the tea.

Today, the matcha is not only used as an infusion , but it is also used for the preparation of desserts and other derived products.Its antioxidant benefits have allowed the product to be inserted in the taste of the West, where it gradually gains more followers.It is energizing because it has caffeine and it is great for your health.

This August 30 will be held the first Matcha Fest within the facilities of Rooibos Tea Shop. For the first edition of the festival, there is going to be the participation of chefs and bakers such as Itamar Corona, Xio Esponda of Cupcake Company, Sara Leon and Lizbeth Gaxiola. All of them pastry enthusiasts!

The organizer of the event, Norma Villalobos, said that tea and especially matcha tea has managed to convince the palate of Mexicans, and that the intention of the event is to show its applications in the world of cooking and especially pastry.

Moreover, there will be other varieties and mixtures of tea prepared in the first tea house in Mexicali such as the mixture of mint and peppermint with green tea, white tea with grapefruit peel and lavender or black tea with marigold petals.

Matcha Fest 2019

Location: Rooibos Tea Shop - Islas Hawai #549, Jardines del Lago. Mexicali, BC.

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