Tijuana is the second place in restaurant professionalization

Tourism and local diners demand professionalism and the best service from the restaurants

Of the 32 state delegations of the Cámara Nacional de la Industria de Restaurantes y Alimentos Condimentados (Canirac), among the best 5 delegations, Tijuana is in second place nationally, just after the city of Puebla, but ahead of cities such as Monterrey, Mérida and San Luis Potosi.

The president of Canirac Baja California, Miguel Ángel Badiola Montaño, received the news happily, “I am glad that the restaurant entrepreneur in our city of Tijuana is relying on Canirac to strengthen his company and professionalize in all the areas that a restaurant contemplates "

Francisco A. Fernández Alonso M. National President of Canirac, is very grateful for the impulse and the work done with the restaurant owners in Baja California, and especially with Tijuana, because every day more restaurants are added to Canirac.

We distinguish ourselves by having a unique cuisine throughout the country, this is the city that has grown to become an international culinary power, with the best products, the best services and, of course, that we are the best city to visit of Mexico, said Badiola Montaño.

Baja California is distinguished by being one of the states with greater national and foreign tourism, the gastronomic sector is one of the attractions in this border region that grows daily attracting more people to taste Baja California´s cuisine.

This accomplishment has been carried out together with the Comisión de Jóvenes Empresarios (Young Entrepreneurs Commission). It is a trust boost with the restaurant owner, making gastronomic activities and festivals is one of the strategies used to create empathy with the all the owners.

The best beef and meat in Mexico are found in Mexicali, where we can taste great cuts of supreme quality, which satisfies the most sophisticated palates in the world, the best wine is found in our Valle de Guadalupe located in Ensenada.

Among the activities that Canirac in Baja California is carrying out with great success is establishing agreements and contacts with the best regional and national gastronomy schools, one of which was opened with the Universidad Anáhuac, who has great alliances at international level, which is why the first International Gastronomic Congress called “Sabor a Tijuana” is announced and organized in the city of Tijuana.

Tijuana represents work, technologically developed industry, tourism, innovative creations in every aspect, and above all it represents being the leader in the whole country in the creation of unique gastronomic experiences that the world knows and it is always surprising.


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