Do you want to learn more about wine? this free admission workshop is for you!

It already started it, but there are more days to go and learn!

A workshop about wine culture will be offered in the Valle de Guadalupe, in coordination with the Culinary Art School and the Secretariat of Tourism.There are 4 courses on September 9, 10, 17 and 25; all related to the culture of wine, of which 3 will be taught in the city of Tijuana, and ending in Ensenada.

“One of the requests that we commonly receive from those who operate a food and beverage establishment is to sensitize their personnel about wine culture; It is essential to know the product and better yet, to be able to guide the client to choose a wine that they can taste and that represents a delicious culinary experience, ”said Óscar Jesús Escobedo Carignan, secretary of tourism in Baja California.

This past Monday, September 9, the course began with the theme "Cepas Aristocráticas" that are mono varietal grapes; that is, they can produce a great wine without mixtures and can develop in adverse weather conditions. The following topics to be discussed are: Techniques in Wine Service, Food Harmony and Sparkling Wines.

The invitation is open to tourism service providers interested in sending their collaborators to take these trainings, which are taught by qualified instructors in their respective subjects and are free; since Baja California has 4,300 tourist servers.

For more information regarding the training that will take place in the coming months, you can contact the offices of the Secretariat of Tourism to have more detailed info; phone (664) 682 33 67 and to confirm participation you can contact the following emails: zmoran@baja.gob.mx and euresti@baja.gob.mx .


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