Why are hundreds of Americans traveling south of the border for new cancer treatments with No-chemo in Tijuana, Mexico?

There is hope on the other side of the border that can be found in centers providing cancer treatment in Tijuana, Mexico

With the challenge that U.S citizens face, many people cannot afford quality health insurance that meets all of their medical needs, therefore thousands of Americans cross the border to get medical treatment at a cheaper cost. Especially when it comes to cancer, many patients receive a terminal diagnosis that can be devastating, however, there is hope on the other side of the border that can be found in centers providing cancer treatment in Tijuana, Mexico. Tijuana sees thousands of foreign visitors who cross the border to receive health services. Supporters say the clinics offer an alternative and sometimes a cure to people written off by U.S. doctors. Critics say the worst of the clinics do nothing but offer false hope while taking money from people when they are most vulnerable. Their treatment program is a natural and holistic approach that combines the most effective therapies from both conventional and alternative medicine, to obtain a fundamental shift in the approach to allopathic treatment of the oncological patient which has proven highly successful for treating cancer patients and specifically stage 4 cancer patients. Their management of cancer can best be understood as comprehensive approach which brings together the most effective mainstream or conventional medicines, with the most effective IV therapies as well as adjunct available from all the traditional and natural medicine.

The advantages of treatment in Mexico is their alternative treatments, holistic approach, personalized care and lower medical cost overall up to 70%.

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The medical community of Tijuana is well prepared to receive medical tourists and offers the top-of-the-line services.The Tijuana medical community is aware of the problems with the U.S. health system and has created excellent options for those patients seeking better alternatives.Tijuana is home to the largest concentration of cancer treatment centers offering unorthodox therapies anywhere in the world. More than 60 hospitals, clinics and semi-clandestine offices offer to cure or help control the disease in ways ranging from the unconventional to the controversial. Some revolve around purported detoxification methods such as enemas or electrical therapy. Some concentrate on the immune system, while others claim to work on the blood, one is producing an anti-cancer "vaccine".

Close on the US border, they mostly attract Americans, but also an increasing number of Britons, Australians and Japanese. Many patients pay more than £20,000 for treatments that are promoted by anecdotal evidence of dramatic improvements or even total remission. Complementary therapies such as acupuncture and aromatherapy may be gaining credibility as mean to improve quality of life, but the backbone of accepted cancer treatments remains surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Early detection, cancer prevention, intensive cancer protocols and integrative enhancement immunotherapy are all offered at any facility in Tijuana. Their success rates are incredible, most common types of cancer treated are breast cancer stages I to IV with a 90% remission rate for stages I and II, and 50% to 60% for stages III and IV. Prostate cancer stages I to IV with an 85% to 90% remission rate, colon cancer stages I to IV, ovary cancer stages I to IV and many more.

Mexican authorities are much more open to natural therapies because most Mexicans live under the line of poverty so they would not have access to conventional medicine. Like many border clinics, facilities in Tijuana take an integrative approach, combining conventional treatment, such as chemotherapy and radiation, with alternative methods to create individualized regimens that focus on healing the entire body with fewer debilitating, long-term side effects. Physical, mental, and emotional roots of cancer are being addressed when treating patients. Also, personalized treatment programs achieve the most comprehensive healing experience for cancer patients.

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