Office workers may get health problems in the future

A study indicates that in 20 years those who work in offices will have health problems

Photo by: Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash / yunmai de Unsplash

The stress at work and the long hours of the day is doing more harm than one thinks to the "godínez" (office workers). Jeffrey Pfeffer demonstrate it on his book "Dying for a salary", in which statistics on the effects of the work environment on the health of Americans are studied.

Studies consulted by the author revealed that current working conditions have an influence on the health of workers. About 61% believe they have become ill due to work-related stress, while 7% have been hospitalized.

Mexico is not exempt from this, a study signed by the UNAM indicates that around 85% of the work centers in Mexico are toxic, this because they do not have the adequate conditions for the performance of their employees.

The research “The Work Colleague of The Future” that interviewed more than 3 thousand office workers in Germany, France and the United Kingdom, revealed that if the office workers remain for 20 years in their current jobs they will present health problems such as humpback, red eyes , dry and stained skin, swollen legs and overweight in the future.

Health problems in workers also affect companies, since they translate into losses in terms of productivity and profitability.


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