Some people used a ladder to jump the new border wall

The Border Patrol posted a video to talk about this incident

Photo by: Captura del video

A video went viral through social networks showing how two men, with the help of a ladder, climb the border fence that was recently replaced in Mexicali.

In the video that has a duration of 38 seconds, you can see how one of the men successfully jumped to the United States. Suddenly, another man encourages him to run to the second structure: "Hurry up, hurry up, jump the wall," he shouted.

Through a video posted on Twitter, Border Patrol agent Joshua Devack reported that the person who crossed the border wall was identified as a 16-year-old Mexican citizen and was arrested.

"Very frequently, criminal organizations exploit minors to do this activity," Devack said in the video. Moreover, he said that in this specific situation, the wall worked as designed.

For the moment, immigration officials in the United States are working with Mexican authorities to locate the other two men.

Source USA Today



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