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8 tips to avoid accidents this Christmas season

Cruz Roja Mexicana make some recommendations

Photo by: Photo by Toni Cuenca on Unsplash

The Christmas season arrived and the tradition of placing ornaments at home, such as the Christmas tree, lights and nativity decorations. The Christmas tree gives the house a special Christmas atmosphere, children like it a lot, but you must be careful that this family scenario does not become a tragedy, avoid accidents at home during the Christmas season.

The Mexican Red Cross from Playas de Rosarito made the following recommendations to avoid any accidents:

  • Prevents young children from entering to play with the tree, as it could fall on them.
  • If you are going to place a nativity decoration, place it in a strategic place, preferably in a place where it does not obstruct the passage or where it is not easily accessible for small children and pets. Small parts could suffocate them. If you are going to light candles, non-flammable is a good option.
  • When buying the Christmas lights, choose to buy them at good places and read the instructions carefully. The lights give luminosity, color and joy, but if you are not careful, they can cause a short circuit and make a fire. You can avoid it if you buy your lights in stores that do give you proof of warranty.
  • Check the packaging and label of all your Christmas ornaments products, there should be indicated that the product complies with the official Mexican standards. See that they have instructions and that they indicate precautions.
  • If you want to place an outdoor ornament such as sidewalks or gardens, make sure that the items indicate on their label that they are suitable for outdoor use. If you do not want to spend and prefer to reuse lights or ornaments from last year, check that your wiring or plugs are in perfect condition, if not, it is better to discard them.
  • Avoid to put two connections in a single plug, respect the connection indications indicated in the instructions of each product. That the lights of your electrical ornaments do not come into contact with curtains or furniture carpets, as overheating or some spark could generate fire.
  • If you have a natural tree, prevent lights from coming into contact with water.
  • Remember the saying "Buy cheap You pay dear", do not choose just for the price or because you like an ornament, the risk of fire from using products of doubtful origin would affect your assets and the integrity of all family members. Finally, whenever you leave home and before bed, turn off all the lights.

*Announcement from Cruz Roja Mexicana of Rosarito



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