Santa Claus will share presents in Tijuana

At Swap Meet La Mesa

Photo by: Facebook Swap Meet La Mesa

It is almost Christmas and Santa Claus will come to Tijuana to share with all the children of Swap Meet La Mesa, toys brought from the North Pole.

Come with your family this Saturday, December 21, to Swap Meet La Mesa, located in Calle Berengenos, Las Lilas, 22105 Tijuana, between 2:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon.

Enjoy this Christmas event that Swap Meet brings for kids and adults, where they can also take a picture with Santa.

Do not forget your letter, maybe you he has the gift you want so much.

Also remember to visit more Christmas events, such as the Villa Iluminada that is in parque Morelos and will remain until January 15, 2020.



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