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Economy can be affected by the conflict in the Middle East

Tension arises and the economy is affected

Photo by: andreas160578 en Pixabay

After the recent conflict caused by the president of the United States, Donald Trump, after ordering the death of the Iranian sergeant, Qasem Soleimani, the economy of the American country was instantly affected.

At the time, the cost of a barrel of oil rose $ 2.70, representing an increase of 4%, so there are those who fear that events abroad may affect the locals.

Carmi Manalili, a Temecula resident, fears that gasoline prices will rise in seconds, because of this attack caused by its president, she told CBS8.

Meanwhile, the spokeswoman for the American Automobile Association (AAA), Marie Montgomery, said that "gas prices in California are more likely to be affected by any type of tensions in the Middle East, compared to prices in Texas or elsewhere, because we depend more on foreign oil. "

However, the impact of this conflict on gas prices in San Diego has not yet been confirmed.

Source CBS8



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