Chef from Rosarito will give a baking workshop with a dash of Purepecha in Tijuana

Learn to make craft sweet pizza with our Baja California pride!

Photo by: Cortesía

In this workshop you will join the taste of Italian cuisine and the flavor of purepecha culture (group of indigenous people from Michoacan, Mexico) that only this Rosaritense (someone from Rosarito) can make possible along with an expert in Italian cuisine.

Ivonne Justo Reyes is a chef in bakery, and is a teacher of workshops in Flor de Canela. Despite of finding how to make culture known through bakery as well as the flavor of purepecha culture, she was the first to offer classes in Rosarito.

In Flor de Canela you will find the ideal dessert for your events, learn how to make them and each with a dash of craft this Rosaritense adds.

If you want to taste one of her desserts with the unique Mexican techniques and learn the art of making pizza, this is the workshop for you.

On Saturday February 29 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm, you will get to make your very own sweet pizza, along with chef from Rosarito and chef Jotch Placencia, who has been studying around the globe for 8 years about Italian cuisine, specializing in pizza, making him in creator of Creato Pizza & Deli,where the workshop will take place.

This is what you will learn:
- The art of pizza
- How to make pizza step by step (theory)
- Techniques and sweet flavors for unique and crafty desserts
- How to make sweet pizza (practice)

If this still isn’t convincing, if you enter, you will participate in a contest to get your pizza in the menu of Creato Pizza & Deli for a month!

Discover this magical ingredient and more about our Baja California pride in this event, which has limited spots! Register by call or WhatsApp: +1 619 713 42 91

Support local talent and learn more about Purepecha culture!


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