Baja California with almost 2 thousands deaths due to COVID-19

The region registered 221 deaths from this virus during the last 14 days

Photo by: Henrikas Mackevicius en Pixabay

This last Monday morning, the Secretary of Health Alonso Pérez Rico, informed Baja California had already 9 thousand 860 positive COVID-19 cases, from which 5 thousand 322 of them are from Mexicali, 2 thousand 985 from Tijuana, 890 from Ensenada, 243 from Tecate, 190 from San Quintín, 108 from Rosarito and 122 from San Felipe.

As a result, one thousand 978 are the Baja Californians that have lost the battle against coronavirus, Mexicali with the most number of registered deaths with 908, then Tijuana with 889, Ensenada with 100, Tecate with 62, and Rosarito with 11, San Quintín and San Felipe with one each.

It should be noted that of this number of deaths 60% are men and 40% are women and the majority of them between the ages of 45 and 69.

For his part, Pérez Rico, mentioned that during the last 14 days (from June 21 through July 5th), Baja California reported 221 deaths, positioning it as the seventh state with most deaths in the national scale, during this period.

Also, it should be noted that there are already 2 thousand 739 COVID-19recovered patients in the state, which in average are 41 years of age, and of which one thousand 312 are men and one thousand and 427 are women, stated by the Secretary of Health.

Of these recovered patients, one thousand 522 are from Mexicali, 875 are from Tijuana, 107 are from Tecate, 42 are from San Quintín and 32 from Rosarito.

Let's not forget that Baja California continues to be under red light, this said it is urged that the general public follows the preventive measures and performs essential activities only.



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