More that 11 thousand vehicles breached Ensenada´s security and passed through this weekend

Social events and other prohibited gatherings that are under red light were suspended

Photo by: Filtro Sanitario foto compartida por Armando Ayala Robles

It was expected for Ensenada to have a hectic weekend and officials were right. Despite the lower occupancy for a 4th of July many people did enter the city.

According to Ensenada´s city council, 11 thousand 500 vehicles in total breached security located in El Sauzal de Rodríguez, Fransisco Zarco and El Porvenir. Of these more than 11 thousand vehicles, a total of one thousand 760 decided to turn around after learning about the red light implications.

Ensenada´s municipal president, Armando Ayala Robles, said that “despite the institutional efforts and the constant urge to the people to stay at home” officials had to suspend 24 social events as well as drag racing.

On the other hand, they shared that they conducted 17 random security stations around the urban area where officials were to check if anyone had COVID-19 symptoms. 4 thousand 500 cars in total were detained to examine their passengers.

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