Coronavirus: How to be a responsible customer when you visit restaurants in Baja California

Tijuana CANIRAC shares some steps so protocols are followed during this new normal

Photo by: Alex Holyoake on Unsplash

As we all know, the current pandemic has modified our consumption habits, as well as limited most of the recreational activities, this said the National Chamber of the Restaurant and Food Industry (CANIRAC) of Tijuana, invited the people of Baja California to continue enjoying the gastronomy that the region offers, but now with certain established hygiene protocols to avoid the infections and spread of COVID-19 between diners.

Through their social media, the CANIRAC shared some steps that will allow them to identify you as a responsible customer in times of coronavirus, since you´ll not only be taking care of your personal health and your family´s, but also that of the staff that´s part of each of these restaurants and the coming families that will spend a moment of their day int hose places.

Follow these simple steps:

It is worth mentioning that some restaurateurs confirm that there are several customers who do not comply with the temperature check at the entrance of the place, some of the reasons being that they consider that the device with which the temperature is taken will cause them some damage, or simply because they don´t want to.

However, after explaining that it's part of a health and safety protocol that they must carry out, and asking for their support, they agree to do so.

At the same time, there are large families who are upset when they are separated into two tables, because according to CANIRAC, 4 people per group maximum are allowed to enter.

Thus, despite being actions that benefit everyone, there are customers who still find it difficult to accept the "New Normal", so we invite you to follow these simple steps.

Have you already visited any restaurant in the region in this New Normality? Did you follow all these steps?


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