Baja California

Baja California´s Congress votes on same-sex marriage reform

The resolution took place this Tuesday with 5 votes in favor, one abstention and none against

Photo by: Sara Rampazzo on Unsplash/ Hin und wieder gibts mal was. en Pixabay

This Tuesday July 7th, through the Congress of Baja California´s YouTube channel, the same-sex marriage state resolution was announced.

With 5 votes in favor, one abstention and none against, the representatives showed their stand on this issue.

Among the delegates who voted were Juan Manuel Molina, Rosina del Villar, Julia Andrea González Quiroz, Gerardo López, Eva Rodríguez, Julio César Vázquez.

Although some representatives mentioned their stand on taking this decision in the midst of the pandemic that´s raging in the region, there are others who believe that this issue should be resolved through a citizen consultation.

For their part, other representatives, such as Miriam Cano, maintained that "rights are not to be consulted", and that this issue has not been addressed, and that "it's time to break these prejudices. All rights for all people".

In turn, congresswoman Monserrat Caballero, who commented that she had received "multiple threats from radical groups," responded by saying that "all groups are represented in this Congress, and the separation of the state from the church is very clear, that is long gone. Today we opt for a modern world, an egalitarian future for all”.

As noted in the resolution, most of the Members of Congress considered that this issue should be given the importance it deserves, as means of moving forward.

The vote on this constitutional reform will now be taken to the plenary of the legislature.

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