Mexico with highest number of coronavirus cases per day until now; 6 thousand 995

Additionally, there were 782 recent deaths counted

In its daily coronavirus updates the Department of Health informed that Mexico has accumulated a total of 275 thousand and 003 COVID-19 positive cases from the start of the pandemic. On the other hand, it reported that the virus has taken the lives of 32 thousand and 796 people in our country.

The General Director of Epidemiology, José Luis Alomía, revealed the information at today´s evening press conference, he added that there were 782 deaths in one day.

This does not mean that that's the number of people who died today, but that some of these were suspicious deaths by COVID-19 that were recently confirmed.

In addition, 6 thousand 995 new cases are counted in 24 hours, which makes a new record of infections since the start of the pandemic. There are 80 thousand 893 uncertain cases and according to the previous information, 50% of these will be positive, this means that more than 40 thousand people will receive the news that they've been infected with the virus.
With information from the Department of Public Health of Mexico

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