The pandemic in Mexico will extend from 2 to 3 years: Lopez Gatell

He admitted that there are outbreaks in the country and that state data is inconsistent

Photo by: Presidencia

On social media, the Secretary of Health Hugo Lopez-Gatell has been nicknamed "The Doctor Death" after falling into contradictions when he announced that there are outbreaks in the country and that they make it difficult to assign a specific traffic light and that the COVID-19 pandemic will continue for 2 or 3 years, when he initially predicted a downward trend in these months. He even assured that the disease was of medium to low severity, much less dangerous than seasonal influenza.

Indirectly pointed out as the cause of the resurgence (although, to a large extent, it is the people's fault for not respecting the isolation), many are alluding to a "stoning" by WHO Executive Director, Myke Ryan, who said that Mexico has started the decontamination despite having an intense coronavirus transmission rate.

Hugo López-Gatell defended himself by saying that: "We have said it again and again, that there are two variables that determine a resurgence: the number of people who go out and the mobility they have, so we have been warned, we have been saying it from the start".

Yesterday afternoon, the Secretary of Health did not present the epidemiological traffic light chart after arguing that there was a lack of information in various states, which were necessary indicators to evaluate risk levels and designate preventive measures.

"We expected to see the traffic light chart, but we decided not to present it because we identified inconsistency in the information given by all states, there are some where the information we have at hand is not consistent, we thought there was a gap in our database, but no, then we will evaluate and discuss with the states, not all 32, but we can not present a national traffic light chart when there will be gaps," said the official.

In that sense, Lopez Gatell recognizes that there is distorted information due to the lack of appropriate monitoring in each of the states, where diagnoses are awaiting confirmation, but then weeks go by and no follow-up is given, which "has been a cause of controversy and polarization," he said.

The WHO warned that the lack of caution in reopening the economy in Mexico could have very negative consequences for public health and the economy of many families.

In response to the criticism, the Secretary of health emphasized: "There are intellectuals who say that tests are not done, the media, that we have half the reality because the tests are not completed, but what happens is that the notification process is not completed and attention is distracted from doing tests without having clear criteria".

With information from El Universal



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