There will be no activity reactivation in Baja California

There will be no activity reactivation in Baja California

Photo by: Alexey Hulsov en Pixabay

During the COVID-19 cases update in Baja California, the head of the Secretary of Health, Alonso Perez Rico, reported that the region has 10 Thousand 827 positive cases as of Sunday July 12th.

Of this number of cases, Perez Rico revealed that 5 thousand 901 are from Mexicali, a city that reported 41 new cases in one day, in addition to being the "epicenter" of the pandemic in the state, since it also ranks first in active cases with 341; and as we´ll see later, the capital is positioned as the place with the most deaths.

Meanwhile, Tijuana registers 3 thousand 160 (12 new cases), Ensenada one thousand and 28, Tecate 255 (2), San Quintin 213, San Felipe 147 (7) and Rosarito 123.

Regarding the number of deaths, Baja California has 2 thousand 172, of which the majority are registered in Mexicali which add up to one thousand and 25, followed by Tijuana with 941, Ensenada with 118, Tecate with 68, Rosarito with 12, San Quintin with 7 and San Felipe with 1.

Given this panorama, the head of Health Department mentioned that "we are not in the stage to be able to go orange" because once this happens all the towns will open, including "two of our big municipalities, which are Ensenada and Mexicali, now we are not in conditions to return one hundred percent of the essential ones. We are going to get out of control as a state".

That is why, according to Perez Rico, the transition from one color to another must be "planned, careful and with a security network so that the medical service can be there to attend the Baja Californians," so that the state does not have to go through the same thing as other entities in the country, which were in red, went to orange and now are in red again.

"We don't want that for Baja California, we want to control it a little more. Therefore, Baja California, independently of the traffic lights that the federal government will grant starting tomorrow (July 13th), we are going to continue in this red color, why, because we are not in conditions for two of our large municipalities to reopen," explained the head of the Secretary of Health.

Similarly, the health expert said that once the decision is made to change the color, the authorities will communicate it to the population in advance.

What´s your opinion on the authorities´strategy?

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