Mexico starts week with more than 304 thousand positive coronavirus cases

The update of the course of the coronavirus in Mexico was revealed 43 days from the beginning of the “new normal”

This Monday, just 43 days from the beginning of the “new normal” the update of the coronavirus course through Mexico was revealed during the daily press conference where the national overview is given. The doctor and Head of Epidemiology, José Luis Alomia, announced the numbers from the last 24 hours of the coronavirus situation in our country.

We present the report of today´s situation in Mexico:

  • 304 thousand 435 accumulated cases
  • 28 thousand 843 active cases
  • 35 thousand 491 deaths
  • 76 thousand 824 suspicious active cases

In only 24 hours, Mexico confirmed 4 thousand 685 positive cases of coronavirus.

Doctor Hugo Lopez Gatell revealed that 8 out of every 10 Mexicans have recovered from coronavirus in their homes.

Lastly, citizens are urged to stay home and only step out if it's absolutely necessary, thanks to this order a significant number of cases have decreased.

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