Casino Caliente reported on social media for not paying bets

Users shared their voided bets and asked for a clear response

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Casino Caliente has become a trending tópico on Twitter after users have reported that the site does not pay some of the online bets.

Through screenshots, many people shared the status of their bets, which were cancelled after they had won.

A cancelled bet, also known as a Void, can occur for various reasons that even the casino cannot control: the withdrawal of a player before the start of a game or the rescheduling of a sporting event due to weather conditions, although it can also be due to failures within the casino server.

In the majority of the cases reported on Twitter, the sporting events did take place with favorable results for the bettors, although they were declared void by the establishment, which leads to the casino returning the amount to the people without losses or gains.

In other cases, Casino Caliente´s customer service has responded that several games have been postponed, although they have concluded with final scores. Bets are considered void when the game is postponed for more than 30 hours, otherwise it remains the same.

You are already trendy in the country @calientesports and you can't even reply something reasonable to us"

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So far there has been no official stand from Casino Caliente, they only ask that people who have problems with their gambling contact them for help by direct message. Users have tagged Profeco to investigate the case.

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