Baja California among the states with most deaths from coronavirus in Mexico

From June 30th to July 30th the state ranked number 18 in the nation with most new cases

Photo by: Composición creada con foto de mohamed Hassan en Pixabay y michael-gaida en Pixabay

During the COVID-19 cases update in Baja California, the Secretary of Health, Alonso Perez Rico, reported that during the last 30 days (June 30 to July 30) the state reported 2 thousand 358 new cases of coronavirus, placing the region at number 18 (in that period) with the highest number of new cases at a national level.

Meanwhile, Baja California has 13 thousand 384 positive cases of COVID-19, of which 6 thousand 928 are located in Mexicali, followed by Tijuana with 3 thousand 939, Ensenada with 1 thousand 503, Tecate 319, San Quintin 314, San Felipe 214 and Rosarito 167.

At the same time, deaths increased to 2 thousand 628, most of them were registered in Mexicali with one thousand 230, then Tijuana the second county with one thousand 101 and following Ensenada with 193, Tecate 78, Rosarito 15, San Quintin 10 and San Felipe 1.

Perez Rico also mentioned that in one month (from June 30 to July 30) 577 deaths were reported in the state due to this virus, placing it in 10th place on the list (in that period) with the highest number of deaths in Mexico.

However, as infections and deaths increase, so do the patients recovered from COVID-19 in Baja California, where 7 thousand 358, most of them from Mexicali, have already been reported.



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