Baja California will continue to run under red light: Secretary of Health

The state registered 13 thousand 589 positive cases and 2 thousand 657 deaths caused by this virus

Photo by: Composición creada con foto de Waldemar Brandt en Unsplash y Gerd Altmann en Pixabay

Secretary of Health Alonso Perez Rico confirmed this Saturday morning, August 1, that Baja California will continue to be under red light one the epidemiological traffic light chart while facing COVID-19.

Based on this, this region´s population will continue to carry out activities that correspond only to this color, despite the fact that federal authorities have placed the state back in orange.

"The state of Baja California´s trend is very favorable, we are doing things right, we are doing things in an orderly fashion, we are not reopening everything. We open one activity, we measure it, we control it, we see that there is no regrowth and we open others," explained Perez Rico.

During this state update of coronavirus cases, the Secretary of Health informed that there are already 13 thousand 589 Baja Californians infected by this virus, of which are found in the following manner in these counties: Mexicali 7 thousand and one, Tijuana 4 thousand and 11, Ensenada one thousand 543, Tecate 325, San Quintin 324, San Felipe 216 and Rosarito 169.

In the case of deaths, Baja California registers 2 thousand 657 to date, of which one thousand 241 belong to Mexicali, one thousand 116 to Tijuana, 194 to Ensenada, 79 to Tecate, 15 to Rosarito, 10 to San Quintin and 2 to San Felipe.

On the other hand, the patients who have won the battle against COVID-19 are 7 thousand 434 Baja California natives.



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