Lopez-Gatell responds to governors asking for his resignation

The petition "secures him in office" according to Senate Majority leader Ricardo Monreal Avila

Photo by: Presidencia

After 9 governors from different states requested the resignation of the Secretary of Health Hugo Lopez-Gatell due to the poor management of the COVID-19 pandemic and his failed strategy to stop the spread of the disease, the official responded at a press conference and said he understood the situation.

It is natural, it is part of human nature, that everyone, and I am sure that these 9 governors have different feelings, different perceptions that can cause frustration, anguish, concern, feelings of anger in the face of reality, given that the specific decisions of them and the other 23 governors involve the success or failure of the management of the epidemic because they are health authorities.

The official expressed his respect for the opinion of the governors and stressed that they are political and administrative authorities, so their decisions imply the duty to take care of the economy and society of the states, a situation that can cause strong stress within this situation, never before presented, there is no single formula to solve the problem in each of the states.

States whose governors have signed the petition for Lopez-Gatell's departure include Aguascalientes (Martin Orozo), Coahuila (Miguel Riquelme), Colima (José Ignacio Peralta), Durango (Jose Rosas Aispuro), Guanajuato (Diego Sinhue Rodriguez), Jalisco (Enrique Alfaro), Michoacan (Silvano Aureoles), Nuevo Leon (Jaime Rodriguez Calderon) and Tamaulipas (Francisco Garcia Cabeza de Vaca).

In spite of the demand in the resignation, it is implausible to think that the Secretary of Health will abandon his duties, since this act "strengthens him in the position", according to the Senate Majority leader, Ricardo Monreal Avila, who called the document "the wrong strategy".

Within this scenario, the issue has become politicised, as Gatell refuses to meet with the PAN governors that make up the GOAN under the excuse that they "want preferential treatment that we will not accept", while he personally visits the governors of Morena.

Mexico has already become the third country in the world with the highest number of deaths from the new coronavirus, exceeding 47 thousand, displacing the United Kingdom and positioning itself after Brazil and the United States, which occupies first place.


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