Coronavirus testing proposed for anyone crossing from Tijuana to San Diego

This is a proposal from the San Diego County Board of Supervisors

Photo by: San Diego Red Archivo

We continue with the border crossing restrictions into the United States: it is very strange for a citizen of Tijuana not to be able to cross to the "other side" for recreational activities, and unfortunately it seems that the restrictions will continue.

Even today, it was proposed that all those who have U.S. citizenship and can cross between the two borders be tested for coronavirus if they intend to travel from Tijuana to San Diego.

According to the San Diego T20 media, who spoke to several people who usually cross the border, the conditions for crossing between the two ports are not ideal since the places are very busy, dirty and do not take their temperature. They even said that the crosswalk to cross to San Diego is very "crowded".

Starting August 12 they will begin testing at San Ysidro's Garita Ped East; only essential workers and U.S. citizens can cross.

With information from San Diego T20


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