Tijuana enlists in the first tourism regulation

The city is planning to reopen its doors to tourism very soon

Photo by: Gautam Krishnan vía Unsplash

Today, the City of Tijuana issued its statement number 4 of the day, where it detailed that it had presented its project to establish the first Tourism Regulations for Tijuana. The project, headed by the Committee of Economic Development, Tourism and Border Affairs, aims to strengthen the development of tourism activities in the region.

However those activities will have to go hand in hand with sanitary measures. This initiative is due to the fact that in our region approximately 8 thousand jobs depend on the tourism industry, affecting restaurants, hotels and much more. And of these we are not only talking about the large industries, but also the smaller ones that are the most affected.

According to the authorities: "the Tourism Regulations have the purpose of improving the living conditions of the population, so that the city is more attractive to its visitors, through the creation of a census that concentrates the service providers or tourist establishments...".

They also argued that tourism activity represented in 2019 an influx of visitors that exceeded 13 million people, thus generating a profit of nearly $2,010 billion pesos.

If you want to see the official statement of the City Council, you can click HERE.



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