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Tropic's Bar on Sixth Street in Tijuana is reopening its doors after the coronavirus

The Tropics Bar group announced its reopening despite being under red light

One of the most affected industries by the coronavirus outbreak continues to be the bars, which in Mexico are not allowed to operate until the traffic light is green. After almost 5 months of remaining closed bars begin to see the light in Baja California, especially in Tijuana where it has been announced that from Saturday bars inside hotels will be allowed to operate.

Baja California is still under red light, but this has not prevented some bars in the state and especially in the border city, to reopen and now one of the most famous bars in downtown and Sixth Street will also reopen, we refer this time to the legendary ''Tropic's Bar''.

Several Facebook users in the group called ''Tropic's Bar'' have been announcing the reopening. They shared various pictures and videos yesterday of the opening of the legendary bar.

The users claim, in comments, that the bar has a sanitizing mat when entering, they take your temperature and provide antibacterial gel; it is said that the bar closes at 2:00 a.m.

On the other hand, the official Tropic´s website has not announced its reopening although a ''reservation'' option on its Facebook page has been added.

Captura de patalla
Captura de patalla

We have some bad news though: users claim that the bar was closed down on the same day it opened.


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