Baja California

Valle de Guadalupe will be officially reactivated under these conditions

Here it is, the official reactivation that all Baja Californian natives have been waiting for

Photo by: Manuel Moreno vía Unsplash

The official website of the Ensenada government has been very busy publishing news regarding the economic activation; we have already mentioned that they will reopen movie theaters, casinos, tourist sites and many others, although there is no doubt that what everyone was waiting for had not been announced.

Of course I'm referring to the Valle de Guadalupe, one of the most visited and beloved tourist destinations in Baja California and extremely important for the economic reactivation of the region. The municipal president, Armando Ayala Robles, said that he will give trust to the businessmen.

However, he also clarified that a series of protocols will have to be followed, and in addition, none of these will "incur in an irresponsibility" and organize massive events that involve music out of the scheduled hours.

He also stressed that: "we will not have considerations if the health of citizens is put at risk. Let's be clear about that".

So far, 120 businesses, including restaurants, hotels, wineries and local merchants, will have permission to open after months of complications due to the health crisis caused by the COVID-19.

Due to the recommendations of the health authorities, these companies will invest in masks, constant cleaning, water intake, antibacterial gel, safety filters and promotion of healthy consumption of intoxicating beverages.


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