Museum in Balboa Park will open until 2021 due to coronavirus

They will use this time to focus on new projects

Photo by: The Nat Facebook

Balboa Park has reopened some of its most important areas, such as the Japanese Garden and the recreation areas, however, there are museums that will remain closed until 2021. One of them is the San Diego Natural History Museum.

The "Nat," as it is commonly called, will keep its doors closed for the rest of the year, even though San Diego County public health orders allow the museum to reopen with coronavirus-related restrictions.

On the matter, of course, the museum leaders expressed that the decision was not easy, but it was what they considered to be the "best". According to the ABC San Diego newspaper, during the five month closure, the museum staff said they would focus on projects and programs.

"The museum we closed in March will not be the same museum we´ll open," Judy Gradwohl , president and CEO of The Nat, told ABC San Diego, "What we will show in the future will combine the best of our work before and during the pandemic into a hybrid model that connects people to the wonder of nature on site, online and in nature.


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