Neighborhoods in Tijuana with active coronavirus cases

As of this Tuesday there are 411 active cases in Baja California, of which 123 belong to this border city

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During the COVID-19 cases update in Baja California, Health Secretary Alonso Perez Rico reported that as of Tuesday, August 11, the state has 411 active cases, of which 123 are located in Tijuana.

Casos activos en Tijuana
Casos activos en Tijuana

Perez Rico indicated through geolocalization, the neighborhoods in which these active cases are reported and the number of the ones in the border city, where an increase was observed (of neighborhoods) compared to his last report, going from two to five zones, as follows:

- Zona Rio: 5 active cases
- Camino Verde: 5 active cases
- Mariano Matamoros Norte: 5 active cases
- Soler: 4 active cases
- Baja Maquiladora El Águila: 4 active cases
- Villa Fontana: 4 active cases

So far, Baja California has 14 , 679 positive COVID-19 cases, with Mexicali remaining at the top of the list reporting 7 thousand 453, followed by Tijuana with 4 thousand 349, Ensenada with one thousand 712, San Quintin with 366, Tecate with 355, San Felipe with 248 and Rosarito with 196.

In the case of deaths, the number of Baja California natives who have died from this virus is 2 thousand 825, most of them from Mexicali, which registers one thousand 317, then Tijuana with one thousand 164, Ensenada with 231, Tecate with 85, Rosarito with 16, San Quintin with 10 and San Felipe with 2.

Despite this situation, the state also has recovered patients, which are now 8 thousand 327, most of them from Mexicali (4 thousand 751) and Tijuana (one thousand 867).



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