Airbnb prohibits parties in their rentals

In case of non-compliance, Airbnb indicated that hosts or guests could be expelled from the platform and even go under legal action

Photo by: Airbnb

The Airbnb platform announced via its official website last Thursday, August 20, restrictions applied worldwide that aim to promote public health and responsible travel, in order to support sanitary measures of social distancing.

These prohibitions are:
- Holding all kinds of parties and events in accommodations listed on the platform
- Occupancy of a maximum of 16 guests per accommodation

According to Airbnb´s statement, this measure is in addition to the many others it has implemented in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic health crisis.

"When the pandemic was declared and social distancing became an important element in promoting public health and responsible travel, Airbnb updated its policies. It began by removing the "Events Allowed" search filter on the platform, as well as removing the 'House Rules' counterpart label from those advertisements that allowed such encounters. In addition, new policies were implemented that required all users to comply with local health measures related to COVID-19, which at that time limited meetings, effectively banning any party or event," said Airbnb on its website.

However, because the situation in each country is different due to the number of local infections recorded, some people have chosen to perform recreational activities or bars in houses rented in Airbnb, who classifies such acts as "incredibly irresponsible, and does not want that kind of business, or those related to it, on its platform," the statement said.

How will these restrictions work?

- Parties are prohibited in all future bookings

- The accommodations announced on the Airbnb platform may have a maximum occupancy of 16 people. This applies mainly to large spaces that were previously advertised with a capacity of more than 16 people.

- Airbnb is currently studying the possibility of generating an exception process for specialized and traditional hotel establishments (such as boutique hotels).

- Guests will be informed about Airbnb's policy regarding parties and informed that they may be reported by Airbnb if they fail to comply with the regulations. These processes are currently being developed and will be implemented in the near future.

In the event of non-compliance, Airbnb indicated that "serious consequences have been implemented for hosts or guests who attempt to bypass them, including expulsion from the platform and even legal action," adding that "Airbnb will continue to enforce the party ban on groups of any size, and will take appropriate action against guests and hosts if complaints are received from neighbors.

This after specifying that the maximum capacity is of 16 people and it's one more measure against parties being hosted in rented houses through its platform, stressing that this measure does not approve smaller meetings and expects all community members to comply with local restrictions.

To learn more about these new prohibitions, we invite you to visit the following link.

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