Tijuana: The municipality with most active cases of coronavirus; already over 300

"What is happening today and yesterday is precisely the result of the mobility of fourteen days ago," said the Secretary of Health

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The Secretary of Health, Alonso Perez Rico, informed this Saturday morning about the update of cases of coronavirus in Baja California, where one of its municipalities, Tijuana, has just passed to the top 20 nationally of the municipalities with most active cases.

This after totaling 317 of these cases, of the 675 registered in the state, only after 24 hours where it had 275; managing to maintain itself as the municipality with the highest number of active cases in the state.

Given this rise that is being observed in the border city, Perez Rico said: "What is happening today and yesterday, is precisely the result of the mobility of fourteen days ago. What we do about mobility today, we will see reflected in the following weekends, which is when we have more conglomeration of people".

The number of people confirmed with COVID-19 in the region has also increased, adding up to 18 thousand 295, with Tijuana being the place where more new cases were reported (95), compared to the rest of the municipalities.

However, of these positive cases, Mexicali continues to be the municipality with the highest number, with 8 thousand 475 of the total.

In the case of deaths, which unfortunately amounted to 3 thousand 284, a large part were residents of the state capital, where on thousand 490 were registered; while in Tijuana one thousand 333 were reported.

The number of patients recovered in Baja California is also increasing, with 10 thousand 319.

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