Rosarito could have a dog park

Different civil associations presented this initiative which will have an area for pets to play, exercise and train without a leash

Photo by: Joe Caione en Unsplash

Rosarito authorities announced the recent proposal made by a group of civil associations, among which are "Protección Animal Rosarito", "Spay Neuter" and "Control Animal de Tijuana"; which seeks to create the first "Perro Parque" (Dog Park), in this municipality of Baja California.

This park seeks to be a space where people who like canine pets can enjoy with them an area for games, exercises and training, without the need for them to use a leash.

Although at the moment this initiative is being analyzed, it is expected to create this "Dog Park", in the Lucio Blanco neighborhood, in front of the Rosarito Beach Canine Control Unit; where actions will be carried out to promote the services offered by this municipal agency.

Undoubtedly, this entertaining space would be perfect for those pets that have little space in their homes, so Rosarito authorities did not rule it out, and said they will analyze its viability.

Foto de Gobierno de Rosarito
Foto de Gobierno de Rosarito

Would you go? Would you like this "Dog Park" to reach the rest of the municipalities of Baja California?

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