The flu could increase COVID-19 cases in winter: Baja California Secretary of Health

Secretary Perez Rico said that there are already five lines of action with which Baja California will prepare for this possible scenario

Photo by: mohamed Hassan en Pixabay

During the COVID-19 update in Baja California, Health Secretary Alonso Perez Rico was questioned about how the health sector prepares for possible coronavirus outbreaks in the state once the winter season arrives.

In light of this, Perez Rico indicated that "we cannot talk about a resurgence because, especially when we talk about covid, there are no certainties, this is about probabilities. The probability that the winter season will increase acute respiratory infections is one hundred percent certain because it is so high. The probability that these acute respiratory infections will increase the number of covid ones is highly probable".

Therefore, the Secretary of Health confirmed that once the flu increases, "Covid will undoubtedly increase", as well as other pathologies that cause pneumonia, such is the case of influenza.

Thus, according to Perez Rico, the health sector is preparing for this possible scenario where contagion will increase, based on five lines of action or situations that should be considered:

1. Early Influenza Vaccination: This is already being applied to all personnel, while for the general population it will be as of October 1st.

2. Hospital structure: The start of the hospital and clinics reconversion is being observed. "However, Covid areas must be protected in case there is an increase in the number of infections and therefore have space available".

3. Collaboration agreement: This is between ISSSTE, ISSSTECALI and the Ministry of Health, since once this last department is mixed they will no longer receive non-Covid patients from other hospitals; and vice versa.

4. Supply of medicines and supplies: At this point they are thinking of having enough and additional for non covid patients.

5. The beginning of December: "What do I mean by this? A lot of personnel will be going on vacation and we have to have the flexibility to be able to cover them".

For the time being, Baja California continues to run under red light, adding up to 18 thousand 889 positive cases, 3 thousand 471 deaths and 257 active cases.

Are you ready for winter under this New Normal?

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