COVID-19 outbreak in Mexicali wedding "will last for months": Secretary of Health

Based on the COVID-19 reproduction rate, Perez Rico said that when this outbreak ends the number of people infected will be over 100

Photo by: mohamed Hassan en Pixabay

After the telenovela actor, Armando Torrea, and his partner celebrated their marriage in Mexicali, Baja California, without any sanitary protocols and prevention measures, as well as without permits in the face of the current COVID-19 pandemic, authorities reported that more than 100 of the attendees were infected by this disease.

In view of this, and when questioned about it this Wednesday morning, October 21, the Secretary of Health of Baja California, Alonso Perez Rico, commented that this outbreak of positive cases "could end in more".

"Surely this outbreak will end in more (of 100). We already have 22 confirmed with PCR, a little more than 50 with symptoms," mentioned Perez Rico.

In addition, the expert noted that an outbreak ends until the last infected person recovers, so taking into account the reproduction rate of COVID-19 (R0), which is sought in the state to be 1 and Mexicali records it in "a little above 1," the Secretary of Health explained that "each person who is infected will infect another person.

That is why the expert said that "this outbreak will last for months" and that when it ends, the number of people infected will be much higher than 100.

"It is an incredible job that has to be done derived from this scenario, why, because you have to talk to all the people who were there, and not just those who were there," said Perez Rico.

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