San Diego goes Orange with 32 community outbreaks

32 community outbreaks were recorded in the last 7 days

Photo by: Siyuan vía Unsplash

The San Diego County Communications Office issued a statement last night informing about the status of the coronavirus pandemic in the county. They specified the number of outbreaks, new cases, and deaths from the virus.

First, they reported that they are at the borderline of the orange level, about to return to red as the test positivity is 3.3%. On the other hand, they revealed that from October 14th to 20th, 32 community outbreaks were confirmed.

The most recently identified (October 20th) were in commercial settings such as restaurants (with two outbreaks), a health care center and another in a bar. They took the opportunity to recall that it is considered a community outbreak once 7 people sharing a space are confirmed with coronavirus.

In the period mentioned above, 10 thousand 449 tests were performed and the percentage of new cases was 3%. Due to the above, 263 new cases have been confirmed giving a total of 53 thousand 263 for the region; 7.1% of these have required hospitalization, while 1.7% have been admitted to intensive care.

So far, 863 people have died and it has been reported that all of them had some of the risk factors such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity or autoimmune diseases.

Border News: 3rd week of October 2020


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