Coronavirus: If Mexicali reaches 400 active cases it would take up to 3 months to decrease them

So far the state capital has 241 active cases, making it the number one municipality with more cases of this kind in the region

Photo by: Gobierno de Mexicali

Baja California continues to fight the current COVID-19 pandemic, so authorities confirmed that the state will remain with the activities corresponding to the orange color of the epidemiological traffic light chart.

According to the update of this Monday, October 26th, the entity adds up to 483 active cases, which, as it is already known, are the ones that give strength to the pandemic.

Of this total of cases, only 241 are located in Mexicali, a municipality that continues to be one of the most affected by this disease at a state level.


In view of the increase in its cases and when questioned about it, the Secretary of Health, Alonso Perez Rico, said that if Mexicali reaches about 400 active cases, the projection is that it will take two to three months to lower its cases again.

"Everything depends one hundred percent on the mobility and the community," said Perez Rico, who mentioned that even if they are provided with medical care, beds and everything necessary to face COVID19, there is a need for co-responsibility on the part of the population. "If I do all these actions in the community and people gather at home, in Mexicali, as they tend to do a lot, to have parties right now, it seems that everyone is partying; what is going to happen, there will be transmission chains; then it depends 100% on the community," he added.

Until the cut-off date of October 25, Baja California had 21 thousand 659 positive cases of coronavirus, of which 9 thousand 757 were registered in Mexicali, while of the 3 thousand 799 Baja Californians who have passed, one thousand 647 were residents of the state capital.


Thus, being the municipality with the most people sick from COVID-19, it is also the one with the most recovered patients, because of the 15 thousand 143 in the state, 7 thousand 317 are from Mexicali.

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