Immigration agent caught buying tamales on Tijuana's beach wall

The video of this was uploaded to Tik Tok, where it has had a lot of views

Photo by: Redes Sociales

A video showing an immigration officer tasting tamales at the Tijuana border has gone viral. Each person in their part of the wall, the vendor tells them "try it... and if you don't like it you don't pay me" and offers them a tamale.

The officer tastes it and gives him a dollar for two tamales. The vendor who noticed that this scene was being filmed started shouting "tamalitos, tamalitos".

Obviously, social media has exploded in comments after this video was posted: "you can tell Trump has already lost" or that "Mexican treats are so delicious that no wall can stop them".

In any case, Biden's victory in this election has created a more relaxed climate on the border between Mexico and Tijuana, although, of course, there are those who comment that this transaction could have been normal.

What do you think? Do you think that the immigration officer had already tried those "tamalitos" and came back for more? That would not surprise us since our food is delicious.

Video: Immigration officer is caught buying tamales on Tijuana's beach wall


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