U.S.-Mexico border travel will be limited until the vaccine is available

New embassy message says tourist travel will not be revived until vaccine is available

Photo by: GSA

For Tijuana residents, life on the border before the arrival of the pandemic was very active. However, since March, month after month they have made us wait to know when the crossings will resume for those with tourist visas.

They announced that the restrictions will remain in place until at least December 21, and today the U.S. Embassy in Mexico released a video in which only the voice of Edgar Ramírez, attaché of the Department of Homeland Security at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico, can be heard.

In the message he informs that because the number of cases of coronavirus continues to increase, a new extension of the crossings is inevitable. He added that as long as there are no reliable vaccines or treatments there will be nothing left but to limit travel in the border section.

He added that a global pandemic is not the time to go shopping, to take a walk or to visit family members living on the other side of the border. He warned that it would be extremely dangerous to migrate illegally in this time of pandemic. What do you think of this message?

Here is the message from the embassy:


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