Residents of these Tijuana neighborhoods "take care" of active cases

Ten colonies of the border city register transmission chains by COVID-19

Photo by: Archivo SDR

As part of his presentation every Tuesday, Health Secretary Alonso Pérez Rico reported today that at least ten neighborhoods in the border city have registered transmission chains by COVID-19.

Currently, of the 491 active cases registered in Baja California, 94 are located in the border city, so the Secretary asked the residents of these neighborhoods to: "take care of yourselves and take more care of yourselves, this is where we have to be more careful".

He also reminded the vendors of lea markets in these areas to avoid selling to customers who do not wear mask or ask them to wear it, and added: "for all the transporters who are moving people from these neighborhoods or who are bringing people to these neighborhoods, I would ask them to wear their mask, all of them to wear mask in public transportation, in the shopping centers, in the service centers".

These neighborhoods, in which there are two active cases in each one, are the following:

  • El Refugio
  • Casa Grande
  • Abedules
  • Villa Residencial el Bosque
  • Villa Fontana
  • Rivera del Bosque
  • Loma Dorada
  • Campos
  • Altamira
  • Zona Centro

Do you wear your mask when you leave home?

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