Do you need supplies or doctors for COVID-19 in Tijuana? You can get them here

"Tijuana VS Covid-19" is a way where you can locate from doctors to oxygen tanks

Photo by: Pexels

The alarming situation which Baja California is going through due to the sudden rise in COVID-19 cases is unprecedented. Private hospitals are almost saturated, few doctors are consulting patients with this disease, and the hospital occupation of public medical centers is pushing people to the edge of desperation to find care and supplies for their families.

Fortunately, thanks to the help of social media, there is a Facebook group called "Tijuana vs. Covid-19" that serves as a link to find face masks, disinfectants, protective suits, telephone numbers of oxygen tank distributors, requests for medications, home remedies and contacts of doctors who do see patients with coronavirus.

Different citizens with the same situation support each other to provide assistance to those who need it most, especially when the possibilities are complicated by the shortage of medicines and the high demand for various services and items in the market.

In the posts you can find phone numbers of different medical equipment providers, pulmonologists, internists, specialists, and even how much it costs to admit a COVID-19 patient to the city's private hospitals.

We recommend that you visit it and in this way solve your current situation or that of your family and close friends.

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