Baja California

Civil Protection requests priority for journalists to get vaccinated against COVID-19

There have already been two deaths of journalists in Baja California, one in Mexicali and one in Tijuana.

The Tijuana Municipal Protection Council has proposed that journalists be among the priority groups to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, mainly because they are part of the professions that must continually expose themselves to carry out their work.

Also Miguel Ángel Larre, director of Social Communication, expressed that he knows of many cases of COVID-19 infections in several colleagues, where unfortunately some were not able to overcome the disease.

In Baja California there have been two deaths of journalists due to COVID-19; Moisés Márquez Villegas, who died on May 7, 2020 in Tijuana and was the deputy director of the InfoBaja seminar and Manuel Ramos Saldamando from Mexicali, a sports reporter who died after being hospitalized for days due to complications caused by coronavirus.

"They continue with their daily work as police, firemen and civil protection elements," declared the mayor of Tijuana, arguing the reason for his proposal. No further details of such proposal are available yet.

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