New record: Mexico registered one thousand 314 unfortunate deaths in one day

The pandemic is relentless in Mexico, and once again the country is registering a new record of COVID-19 deaths in just 24 hours.

The record of deaths by coronavirus in Mexico has increased again. There are now one thousand 314 people who unfortunately have lost the battle to COVID-19 in 24 hours, a really alarming figure for the Mexican Republic.

Currently 22 states are under the orange traffic light and only two (Chiapas and Campeche) remain green, while Baja California, Mexico City, Guanajuato, State of Mexico and Morelos still remain red because they register more than 70% in hospital occupation.

The presence of the new COVID-19 strain in Mexico, registered a few days ago in Tamaulipas, could further complicate the situation in the country, not because of its mortality level, which is the same as the common coronavirus, but because of how quickly it can be transmitted from person to person, affecting vulnerable or high-risk populations such as adults 60 years of age or older to a greater extent.

So far, a total of one million 556 thousand 28 positive cases of coronavirus have been counted in the country, with 14 thousand 395 registered on the last day.

Even though a decrease in the number of infections was noted in December, it seems that the holiday season and the irresponsibility of citizens resulted in an increase never seen before, since several states that remained in orange returned to red because of the increase in cases presented in the last weeks of December.

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